Valentine’s Day Campaign!


We have seen LOVE win over 200 abortion clinic workers out of the abortion industry! We know that it works! This Valentine’s Day, we are partnering with Sidewalk Advocates for Life for a very special campaign and we want to include you! Part of our campaign will be a surprise and you will just have to wait until we post pics to see the very special plans we have for some of these clinic workers…but we want them to know how very much we care about them when they see you standing and praying out on the sidewalk.
We have a new shirt for you to wear in front of the clinics! You can go check it out here. We want these workers to look out their windows (because we know they do) and see a message of love this Valentine’s Day! We are out there because we love the women going into these clinics and because, yes, we love the abortion workers, too! Get your t-shirt at a super discounted rate of only $10.00!! Be sure to order yours today so you have it in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day!
We will also post lots of graphics surrounding our “Love One Out. Love Won Out.” campaign on social media and would love for you to share those for us on your own pages!


Don’t forget to register for the first ever Prolife Women’s Conference! We are updating our website everyday with new speakers, new breakout sessions and new panel discussions. I am so incredibly excited about this once of a lifetime event!! What an amazing experience it will be to have 1200 prolife women in one place to declare that being prolife and prowoman go hand in hand! Keep checking our website for updated information and be sure to go ahead and register at We are sure to sell out of tickets as space is limited, so be sure to grab your spot as soon as you can! We also have a block of rooms reserved at the hotel where the conference is located, so you can go ahead and reserve your room as well! Registration is only $49 for the conference and that includes lunch for both Saturday and Sunday. We can’t wait to see you there!

attwnlogonewsletterDon’t forget about our “Love Letters” campaign! This time of the year is the perfect time to write your “love letter” to someone you know who may be involved in the abortion industry. So many of us know someone who is currently involved in abortion work…and sometimes it can be so hard to reach them. There are so many things that we may want to say to them, but the words just never seem to come. Maybe we don’t have contact with them anymore. Well, this is your opportunity to reach out to them with your words, in love. You can do it anonymously or leave your name. It’s your letter. You can submit your words of love by clicking here.

Thank you all so much for your continued support of our ministry! We have so many exciting things coming up this year and can’t wait to roll all of them out over the next few months!
Don’t forget to “like” us on our social media pages. We will put lots of updates on there and that’s the best place to get up-to-date information about our organization.
Over 200 workers are now living completely different lives because of your support and your love for them. We can never thank you enough for that.
Until there are none,
Abby Johnson