Loving Clinic Workers…


We had an AMAZINGLY successful Valentine’s Day campaign! Over 400 abortion clinics received cards and flowers into their facilities with messages of hope and healing. We even have reports of workers walking out to the sidewalk counselors and thanking them for their flowers! One worker told a sidewalk counselor, “I’ve never received flowers before. It’s crazy that the first time I get flowers, they are from you guys. It really means a lot.”
Love does change hearts! We are so excited that so many groups sent in their notes of love to these workers. The above image is one of the cards sent in by a sidewalk advocacy group. Love wins!!

Join Our Prayer Team!!

ATTWN_MEME_01112016We know that prayer can change any heart. We are starting an intercessory prayer team to pray for the needs of our former workers and our staff. If you would like to be a part of our prayer team, please visit https://abortionworker.com/partner-with-us-in-prayer/.
We have also included many resources for prayer warriors to use. We have several prayer guides that can be very helpful, especially if you are praying outside abortion facilities.
The team will meet monthly via teleconference and pray for any needs that arise in our ministry. We would love to have you join us!

Pro-Life Women’s Conference!!!

pwcattwnnewsltrIf you haven’t registered yet for the first ever Prolife Women’s Conference, go do it NOW! You will not want to miss this amazing time of friendship and fellowship.
We have the most requested and talented female prolife speakers all coming together for this conference. We know that abortion affect men and women in unique ways…and we have unique ways to fight this battle. Come join us and raise your voice! We are here to say that being pro-woman means being PROLIFE!
You can register today at www.prolifewomen.com.
If you run a prolife organization and would like information on sponsorships, please visit our website. We would love to have your group represented!

We are up to 210 abortion clinic workers who have come through ATTWN for help! Workers are calling us every week looking for hope! Thank you so much for continuing to support them by supporting ATTWN. You are changing and saving so many lives.

Database Update!!

dbattwnnewsIn the past few months, we have updated our donor database and that means that we need to update the information for all of our monthly donors. If you are a monthly donor, please email us at or call 660-458-1109 to update your information.