How we help?

Here’s what sets us apart

here’s really what we do

We’re a relationship built model

As former clinic workers, helping you to heal helps us. Healing doesn’t come overnight, over a few weeks or months, or even years. It’s an ongoing process. We’re with you long-term throughout this process.

It’s free

There’s no cost associated. We’re not here to make a profit on anyone’s healing.

We get it

Some of our client advocates were clinic workers themselves. Some have been in your shoes.

We offer long-term, comprehensive help

You’re more than just attendee at our retreat. You’re more than just a former clinic worker. YOU ARE YOU. And we love you.

And Then There Were None (ATTWN) is a registered nonprofit organization that exists to help abortion clinic workers leave the abortion industry. ATTWN is pro-life without exceptions. But beyond that, we’re pro-ALL life. We’re pro-love.

We believe that a clinic worker's life is valuable, too. As former clinic workers, we have a different perspective than others may have - we’ve been in their shoes. And we used those shoes to walk away.

ATTWN seeks to end abortion from the inside out. We believe that the end of abortion starts with abortion clinic workers leaving their jobs and finding healing from their past work. That’s why, as former clinic workers ourselves, we’re committed to helping them through the ENTIRE journey.

To date, ATTWN has helped almost 500 workers leave the abortion industry and we have helped them on their journey toward healing. As a direct result of the testimony of these workers, several clinics have been permanently shut down. More closures are sure to come. The abortion industry understands something that many pro-lifers fail to grasp: there is no tool in the pro-life arsenal as effective or lethal to the abortion industry than their former employees.


Once we have fully vetted a worker and received proof of their resignation from the clinic, ATTWN provides limited transitional income. It is easy to tell someone that they should quit their job. Please remember, these workers have families and bills. They want out. Transitional financial assistance is a key in helping them take that first step.


Many times, workers have been a part of or witnessed illegal activity at their clinics. We have attorneys in all 50 states who are willing to help these workers bring these facts to light and offer them legal protection and representation. When appropriate, these lawyers also use the testimony of the workers to close down abortion facilities.

3. Employment

Workers coming out of the abortion industry often have difficulty finding another job. We have professional resume writers who help update their resume and make them more marketable. We also have professional recruiters who will help them search for jobs in their area. In addition, ATTWN has contacts in every city in America who are willing to hire these workers. Some are now working with pregnancy resource centers and helping women choose life.

4. Emotional

The emotional health of the workers who contact ATTWN is of the utmost importance to us. Each worker is assigned to a Client Manager who will walk them through this painful journey toward healing and finding forgiveness. ATTWN uses a relationship-driven model of ministry. We listen, give advice, pray, and offer whatever emotional support the worker needs. In addition, there is a private forum for the former workers to share their unique experiences without fear of judgment or shame. There are times when professional counseling is necessary and ATTWN will provide that as well.

5. Spiritual

Many workers who have left or are considering leaving the industry have already had a spiritual conversion. ATTWN connects them with healthy, vibrant churches in their areas and Christian pastors who can help them continue to grow spiritually. Their Client Manager is also available to pray and provide spiritual support at any time, as much as needed.

6. Retreats

ATTWN hosts several all expenses paid healing retreats a year. These retreats are vital for these workers, whether they have been out of the industry for many years or have just come out. They often feel alone and struggle with guilt, self-hatred, and substance abuse. It is an amazing thing to watch the transformation that occurs in a worker from the beginning to the end of the retreat. We have several "phases" of our retreats and encourage all workers to join us through our entire healing program.

Thank you for your interest in the work that ATTWN is doing. The lives of babies are being saved, and the lives of these workers are being transformed. They are making a difference for life. We can’t do it without your prayers and your financial support. Please consider giving a one-time gift or recurring donation to help us continue to fight the abortion industry from the inside out.

No abortion clinic workers, no abortion clinics, no abortions. It starts with the workers.