I am releasing something at the Pro-Life Women’s Conference that you won’t believe!! I have something to show that has NEVER been seen by the general public.

For so long, myself and other former abortion workers have been saying that the abortion industry has a very strategic way of selling abortion services to the women who walk in their doors.

Well, for those of you attending the Pro-Life Women’s Conference, you will be able to see the proof of just how exactly they do that. It will be hard to believe…that’s why you will simply have to see it!

I am so excited to release this to the public…and there is an incredible story of how I obtained this information. I will share all of that at the conference.

There are only TWO days left to register for the conference! Registration ends June 17th! Don’t miss this historical event. Find out more information at

See you there!

Until there are none,

Abby Johnson