Over 550 and counting.

That’s the number of workers we’ve helped leave and heal from the abortion industry. Now, you can hear from some of them as they open up about their own personal stories. 

Abortion Industry Quitter of the Month– Sarah

Sarah with Dave Franco IN A RATHER ODD ATTEMPT TO ASSUAGE THE ACHE IN MY OWN HEART for having an abortion, I applied for and was given a job at the very same abortion clinic where I had my procedure. The best I can do to make sense of it is— I think I thought […]

Abortion Industry Quitter of the Month– Adrienne

Adrienne with Dave Franco PERHAPS YOU’VE HEARD THE FABLE: If you put a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will jump right out; but if you put a frog in a pot of tepid water and gradually heat it, the frog will complacently let itself be boiled to death. That is the only […]

Abortion Industry Quitter of the Month– Monica

Monica with Dave Franco “PLEASE STEP INSIDE, EVERYONE,” THE INDIAN GURU SAID with a thick accent as he led us to an empty conference room. “Lay on the ground. We’re going to keep the lights low.”

Abortion Industry Quitter of the Month– Franne

Franne with Dave Franco UNLIKE SO MANY COLLEGE GRADUATES, I knew exactly what I was going to do with my degree. Although I love my daughter more than I can say, I lived through the hard reality of becoming a teenage mother some years earlier.

Abortion Industry Quitter of the Month– Mayra

Mayra Rodriguez with Dave Franco WHEN MY MOTHER TOLD ME THAT SHE WANTED OUR FAMILY TO LEAVE Mexico City and cross over to the United States, the idea was unthinkable. As a young woman, I dreamed of being a doctor in Mexico City. Mexico was my home. My mother didn’t see it that way. On […]

Abortion Industry Quitter of the Month- Janet

Janet Brown with Dave Franco IT DIDN’T TAKE LONG FOR ME TO FIGURE OUT that the new job I had just taken at a Planned Parenthood in Missouri was not nearly as defined as I had hoped. In fact, as the new Director of Quality and Risk Management, a position that would seem to warrant […]

Abortion Industry Quitter of the Month: Jason

Jason Wilson with Dave Franco I ROLLED UP TO THE ADDRESS printed on my itinerary sheet, got out of my truck and walked to the building. Suddenly, I stopped. By the signage and writing on the glass doors, I realized I was about to walk into an abortion clinic. As a relatively new employee for […]


Abortion Industry Quitter of the Month: Keysha

Keysha Lockett with Dave Franco “OH, KEYSHA, NO!” my mother said into the phone when I told her I had just taken a job at Planned Parenthood. “They kill babies!” But Mom really had nothing to worry about. The particular branch where I had just accepted a job didn’t even offer abortions. Their emphasis was […]

Abortion Industry Quitter of the Month: Sarita

Sarita with Dave Franco “AM I READING THIS CORRECTLY?” THE JUDGE SAID as he reviewed the charges against me. “Miss Munoz is being accused of stealing a sonogram machine?” I didn’t know whether to laugh or scream. I hadn’t yet heard the charges against me, ones that had me turning myself in to police, getting […]


Abortion Industry Quitter of the Month: Claudia

I REMEMBER THE FEELING AS I WALKED OUT OF MY JOB INTERVIEW at a women’s health clinic in Texas; that I was about to join a group of women committed to women’s health. There was an all-for-one feeling running through me and I loved it. Sure, my interviewer mentioned that the clinic did abortions. But […]

Abortion Industry Quitter of the Month: Nallely C

Nallely C with Dave Franco LOOKING BACK NOW, IT IS DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND. But when the Planned Parenthood clinic that I worked for advanced me from receptionist to the person whose duties it was to strain for the baby pieces and rinse them off, I was matter-of-fact about it—it didn’t bother me in the least. […] 

Abortion Industry Quitter of the Month: Yolunda Davis

Yolunda Davis with Dave Franco I KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG the very first moment of my first day. I had had a wonderful job as a nurse in Jackson, Louisiana, when I received a call from a friend who worked at an abortion clinic in Baton Rouge. She told me they needed a registered nurse—and […]

Abortion Industry Quitter of the Month: Barbara Beute

Barbara Beute with Dave Franco THERE WAS NO LIGHT IN THE WOMEN’S HEALTH CLINIC WHERE I WORKED—just one; over me. Every other room or hallway in the place was still and dark as night. After hours was a good time for me to get work done, I thought, the kind that builds up after […] 

Abortion Industry Quitter of the Month: Lisa Searle

Lisa Searle with Dave Franco WHEN THE HIRING MANAGER AT THE GYN CLINIC SLID THE PIECE OF PAPER IN FRONT OF ME suggesting what might be my starting salary, my eyes nearly fell out. They’re going to pay me how much? I had been a […]