A former worker wrote this after a retreat and gave me permission to share it with all of you. I thought it perfectly described the thoughts and feelings of those who attend our retreats. We aim to provide confidential help and healing to those who have been so damaged and used by the abortion industry. All expenses are paid for everyone who attends our retreats, as we would never want money to be an obstacle in the healing journey.

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"From my journal:
21 September 2014 - On the plane, final leg of the trip home.

I barely cried this weekend, which was a surprise … since I have often found myself unable to stop crying about having worked as an abortion Nurse. Not because I wasn’t having feelings or emotional responses this weekend; I was and did. In my room, I prayed so much this weekend!

However, it wasn’t until I was sitting here on the plane for the final leg of my trip home that the tears came. Unbidden, silent, fat tears rolling down my cheeks for almost half an hour. All of these passed through my tears … grief, anger, pain, relief and gratitude. Overwhelmingly it is gratitude that I most feel.

I had just experienced:
total acceptance without judgment, love, support, insights, shared experiences. the rawness of grief and regret in others

I understood that Abby, Meg and COUNTLESS others, whom I don’t even know, had freely given: their time – people were praying for us around the clock all weekend! Their families had given up time with their loved ones, so they could minister to us on-site, people who were expecting time off, came to work .. so we could have this time together. Who knows how many people had worked to make the arraignments and co-ordinate every detail of this weekend, financial contributions

Never in my life have I experienced such a surrounding of love, faith, forgiveness and compassion. Thank you, to everyone who made this weekend possible. I can’t adequately express how much I appreciate you or how deeply I have been impacted. I have always understood “in my head” that God had forgiven me, but in my arrogance, I hadn’t been able to take that into my heart, so hadn’t been able to forgive myself. Oh, how vast the distance between head and heart can sometimes be. Not so, for me, any longer.

May God bless each of you in full measure, as I have been blessed by you."