Abby Johnson

Abby Johnson has always had a fierce desire to help women in need, especially in their most desperate hours. It was this determination that both led Abby to a career with Planned Parenthood, our nation’s largest abortion provider. During her eight years with Planned Parenthood, Abby quickly rose in the organization’s ranks and became a clinic director. However, the higher she rose, the more disturbed she became. There came a fateful day when the passion that led her to Planned Parenthood caused her to flee the organization and become an outspoken advocate for the pro-life movement.

Abby experienced the realization, which many in this nation have yet to understand. Abortion was not a product Planned Parenthood was selling as an unfortunate necessity; it was something far worse. Still, Abby loved the women who entered her clinic and her fellow workers. Despite a growing unrest within her, she stayed on and strove to serve women in crisis.

However, on September 26, 2009, everything changed. Abby was asked to assist with an ultrasound-guided abortion. She watched in horror as a 13-week baby fought, and ultimately lost, its life at the hand of the abortionist. At that moment, the full realization of what abortion was and what she had dedicated her life to washed over Abby and a dramatic transformation took place.

Desperate and confused, Abby sought help from a local pro-life group. She swore that she would begin to advocate for life in the womb and expose abortion for what it really is.

Planned Parenthood is fully aware that the workers who leave are their most significant threat. Abby was now a threat, and they attempted to silence Abby with a gag order. The lawsuit quickly thrown out of court and Abby was free to speak.

The media has shown interest in Abby’s story ever since. She has gained further attention for her continued efforts to advocate for the unborn and help clinic workers escape the abortion industry. She is a frequently requested guest on Fox News and a variety of other shows and the author of the nationally best-selling book, Unplanned, which chronicles both her experiences within Planned Parenthood and her dramatic exit.

Today, Abby travels across the globe sharing her story, educating the public on pro-life issues, advocating for the unborn, and reaching out to abortion clinic staff who still work in the industry. She is the founder of And Then There Were None, a ministry designed to assist abortion clinic workers who wish to leave the industry. To date, this ministry has helped over 400 workers leave the abortion industry, and the number continues to rise. Abby lives in Texas with her husband and seven precious children.

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Annette Lancaster

Annette worked at Planned Parenthood in Chapel Hill North Carolina as the Health Center Manager. As the HCM, she was responsible for the day to day operations of the facility as well as she was cross trained to assist in various roles, including holding the ultrasound probe in position during ultrasound guided abortion procedures. Demanding work hours, emotional distress, and moral conflicts all began to wear down on Annette’s heart and demeanor and eventually drove her into alcoholism, tearing her family apart. One day Annette found information placed on her car about And Then There Were None ProLife Outreach, a ministry founded by former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson. She wasn’t quite ready to leave that day but kept the information in her pocket. It wasn’t long before Annette reached out to ATTWN for help and became a Quitter on May 3rd of 2016. She has since attended ATTWN’s healing program, restored her marriage and family, and worked tirelessly with Abby and her team to educate the prolife community about the deplorable things taking place inside these facilities and has shared her story in many written publications, at several national conferences, and on EWTN.

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Monica Cline

While working as a sexual health educator at ALLGO/Informe-SIDA, Monica was trained by Planned Parenthood to target teens for outreach and volunteered at several of their community events. Later, she worked at The Center for Health Training as the Title X (family planning) Training Manager for Texas and New Mexico. Monica was responsible for providing Sexual Risk Reduction Education (sex ed) in the community, in schools and at health centers. She taught client-centered care, and communication skills to the clinics (how to communicate with a client in the clinic with no judgement, how to listen effectively to provide services). She was responsible for training and providing ongoing support to Planned Parenthood about their grants and what they were required to do to keep them. She instructed them not to have grant money involved in abortion services, that they had to have parental involvement with a minor seeking services (they never did). She educated them on how to report human trafficking (they did not). Monica left The Center for Health Training because she realized they were not committed to giving women options but that their focus was abortion centered. She felt she could no longer teach teens the way they wanted her to because the curriculum and style was very vulgar and pornographic and she believed the underlying attitude of “anything goes” was unhealthy for teenagers.

Monica’s goals in speaking out go way beyond just being a part of ATTWN. She is currently working on developing her own curriculum to educate parents on how to teach their own teens about their bodies and health. Monica says, “We all bought that we were doing the right thing, that we were working with a population that no one else wanted to reach out to, or is difficult to reach. We believed we were the ones doing something good and right. We need a new approach. An approach that empowers parents to “Reclaim Parenthood” and become the primary sex educators for their children. The more we get the info out and stop judging the workers, the more we will get out there and transform our culture in how to truly prevent the hardships that Planned Parenthood pretends to address.”

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Sue Thayer

Sue Thayer has a story that shows the power of redemption. She hopes that her journey will help others find hope in the midst of the struggles of life.

No one in the pro-life world has been inside Planned Parenthood longer than Sue Thayer. Having been a Center Manager for nearly 18 years, Sue believed she was helping women. But that all changed when she was informed she would soon be trained to do webcam abortions at her small rural Iowa center. Stunned, her concerns fell on deaf ears. Sue began to see the abortion giant in a new light and ultimately shared her insider’s knowledge. Sue’s vast experience coupled with her changed heart and bold faith has led to a whistle-blower lawsuit, currently in litigation.

Sue led Storm Lake’s first ever 40 Days For Life campaign at the very clinic she supervised for so many years. Shortly after completing the prayer vigil, Planned Parenthood closed its doors forever.

Sue shares her miraculous conversion with honesty, transparency, and humor. Having been a foster and adoptive parent for 27 years, she has an amazing love for children. As founder and Director of Cornerstone For Life Pregnancy Resource Center, Sue has truly come full circle.

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Former Abortion Workers Panel

Want to hear firsthand what goes on inside of your local abortion clinic? While practices vary from state to state, our clients have shed light on the dehumanizing treatment of patients, unsanitary conditions, and unsafe protocol that seem to be an abortion industry standard. While we at ATTWN never push our clients to speak publicly about their experiences, there are many who want to share the TRUTH of what happens inside the walls of their former clinics. Invite our former abortion clinic workers to speak at your next event as part of a discussion panel to inform and engage your community!

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Myra Neyer

Myra Neyer worked for Planned Parenthood in Baltimore. She began work there with the intent to help women. As a single mother of 7 kids, she believed she could understand with sympathy the overwhelming pressures that could bring a woman to consider abortion. After Myra witnessed an unforgettable abortion procedure that led to her quitting her job in the industry, she sought healing and help through ATTWN. After participating in ATTWN’s healing program and opportunities, she came to realize that she needed to speak out about abortion and Planned Parenthood. Myra also became determined to speak the Truth to her former coworkers. As a result, three other abortion workers from her affiliate quit their jobs as well. Myra is eager to share her story and to speak out
about how the Lord has been ever present in her life through the trials she faced soon after quitting. Myra is passionate about sharing the truth about what happens behind abortion clinic doors and desires to bring hope to communities through her powerful and uplifting testimony.

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