Quitters don’t quit quietly—their stories continue! Find out where life has taken them since leaving the abortion industry and what they plan to do until there are none.

Where Are They Now? Lisa Searle

Lisa exudes genuine kindness and possesses a peaceful spirit, intelligence, and a calming presence that many would find enviable. Her laugh is easy and her almost undetectable southern drawl is charming. In short, Lisa is the type of person that most of us aspire to...

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Where Are They Now? Kelly Lester

After meeting someone like Kelly, hearing where she has been, what she has done, where she is now, and the lives that are changed because of her, the word miracle keeps coming to mind. Oxford Languages defines a miracle as, “a surprising and welcome event that is...

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Where Are They Now? Adrienne Moton

As though tested by fire, the strongest people are the purest of heart. They exhibit a beautiful simplicity that merits a second look, and when they speak, their voices rise above the chaotic din.Whether speaking or singing, Adrienne has the kind of voice that has...

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Where Are They Now? Nallely Perez

“Let me just say good-bye to my baby,” Nallely said. Throughout our video interview, kids of varying ages pop into the frame to kiss their mom on the cheek and exchange a quick “I love you.” One thing about Nallely becomes clear; she is a woman who puts her family...

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Where Are They Now? Sarah Eubanks

Sarah sits at a desk littered with papers. She swipes them to the side as she adjusts her camera. Her phone rings constantly. She glances at it, ignores, and then four calls later apologetically takes the call. Clearly, Sarah is a woman who is used to putting out...

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