Financial Assistance

Once we have fully vetted a worker and received proof of their resignation from the clinic, ATTWN provides limited transitional income. It is easy to tell someone that they should quit their job. Please remember, these workers have families and bills. They want out. Transitional financial assistance is key in helping them take that first step.

Career Resources

Workers coming out of the abortion industry sometimes have difficulty finding another job. We have professional résumé writers who help update their résumé and make them more marketable. We also have professional recruiters who will help them search for jobs in their area.

Education Scholarships

ATTWN provides an annual scholarship to two of our clients who have left the abortion industry, through a generous gift from the
family of Nancy Sandrock, a prolife midwife who bravely battled breast cancer and passed into eternity in September 2019. Her heart for ATTWN and our beneficiaries is expressed in her desire for our clients to pursue advanced degrees and certifications in the medical field. The scholarship is established as an endowment fund to which additional contributions can be made.

Emotional Healing

The emotional health of the workers who contact ATTWN is of the utmost importance to us. Each worker is assigned to a Client Manager who will walk them through this painful journey toward healing and finding
forgiveness. ATTWN uses a relationship-driven model of ministry. We listen, give advice, pray, and offer whatever emotional support the worker needs. We also have licensed therapists to help the clients on their path to healing.

Spiritual Support

Many workers who have left or are considering leaving the industry have already had a spiritual conversion. ATTWN connects them with healthy, vibrant churches in their areas and Christian pastors who can help them continue to grow spiritually.

Healing Retreats

ATTWN hosts several all-expenses-paid healing retreats a year. These retreats are a vital component of our program. Whether a worker has been out one month or many years, it is amazing to watch the transformation that occurs from the beginning to the end of the retreat.