For four decades, legalized abortion has slowly shrouded our culture of life in a veil of darkness. Those who have witnessed the death of millions have been silenced. Workers in the abortion industry who have dissented and spoken up against unsafe practices, abuse of patients, unlicensed medical staff, and unsanitary conditions have been discredited and blacklisted. Their invaluable testimonies have been swallowed up in shame and suffocated under the weight of abortion giants. Abortion workers were hopeless to suffer silently and never have their experiences validated.

We surveyed workers who have left the abortion industry and this is what we found out:

– 62.3% of former abortion workers have chronic insomnia, nightmares, and anxiety

– 22.8% of former abortion workers are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol

– 33.3% of former abortion workers have suicidal thoughts

– 16.7% of former abortion workers have attempted suicide

– 34.5% of former abortion workers have been victims of domestic violence 

Not anymore.

Since Abby Johnson founded And Then There Were None in 2012, our ministry has helped over 600 abortion workers leave their jobs and find healing. They have been given a voice, and their voices are growing louder and stronger together. Their firsthand accounts humanize the unborn who have no voice but theirs—the last to see them alive. You have been an integral part of making this happen through your support, and we hope that their stories give you a glimpse of what you have helped to make possible.

Together, we are unmasking the façade of ‘care, no matter what’ and revealing the true nature of the culture of death. Every life, every soul is worth fighting for.

No one grows up wanting to work in the abortion industry. We can get them out.

Will you please help us today?