And Then There Were None (ATTWN) is a registered nonprofit organization that exists to help abortion clinic workers leave the abortion industry. ATTWN is pro-life without exceptions. While we believe in and wholeheartedly support all peaceful prolife efforts, ATTWN seeks to end abortion from the inside out.

"I don't know what the pro-life movement would do without ATTWN. This ministry is providing the means for abortion workers to safely transition out of the abortion industry and into a life of freedom with immense support and without fear of exploitation. Our sidewalk counselors have been able to confidently offer help to workers because of the multitude of resources available through ATTWN. This is a game-changer in the battle for life!"

Lauren Muzyka, Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

Happy Mother’s Day!

We understand that although you may work in the abortion industry, you are not defined by your occupation. You’re a mother. And a mother who’s loved by not just her family, but by all of us in the ATTWN family and ministry itself. This mother’s day, we hope and pray for mercy for you. You can quit

– we believe you can!


* None of your identifying information will be sent to any clinic.